Words from EFRAT’s President

In the Words of Dr. Eliyahu Schussheim, EFRAT, President

Dear Friends

You may be aware that the socio-economic gap in Israel has been growing, with many families finding themselves in crippling financial situations.

Social workers across the country are increasingly recognizing that EFRAT offers crucial support to women in financial distress, who feel that they have no option but to terminate their pregnancy.

Thanks to national publicity campaigns, EFRAT has become the address for helping women in these challenging circumstances. EFRAT aims to raise adequate resources to ensure that women across the country are aware of how they can access help, as well as to respond fully to every woman who turns to us.

Since its establishment in 1977, EFRAT has been privileged to support tens of thousands of women, saving over 75,000 children.

We rely fully on the financial backing of donors to achieve these life-saving goals. With your support, we will continue to offer vital assistance to mothers, empowering them continue their pregnancy and have their baby.

With heartfelt thanks

Dr. Eliyahu Schussheim