Women in the distressing position of considering a pregnancy termination, may not know where to turn for help, often making the decision to end their pregnancy without realizing that support is available.


To increase public awareness of EFRAT’s services to ensure that women across the country know how they can access critical support.


EFRAT makes information accessible using radio, television and billboards in central locations and on local buses.

Publications are distributed in high schools, military bases, universities and to the general public. Lectures are delivered upon invitation at high schools, military bases and universities.

By welcoming groups into its warehouse for a tour or to view a video about its work, EFRAT shares its message with over 30 groups a month. Groups may choose to volunteer to package food and baby supplies for delivery around the country, becoming active partners in EFRAT’s work and learning about its activities first hand.

EFRAT has an active presence on social media, with Hebrew and English Facebook pages publishing pictures and testimonials, ensuring that EFRAT’s services are widely known. An emergency hotline is available around the clock for women in need.