A Divine Hand

“In June, 13 years ago, we lost our youngest son in a road accident. We were left with a gaping hole. He was just 22. He had no opportunity to marry or have children of his own.

I was familiar with EFRAT’s work. When I heard about their project ‘A life for a life’, an idea took root. I would save a child in the memory of our son. Initially, I was unable to afford the entire sum to save a child. I slowly saved money and when I had the total amount, I contacted EFRAT and requested that my donation would be used to help bring a baby boy into this world as a merit for our son’s soul.

A short while later I contacted the office to check that the donation had indeed reached a mother in need as per our request. The secretary, who took my call, checked the records and updated me that our donation had been allocated to a woman who was due to give birth in June. I was extremely emotional; June was the month in which our son was killed.

Time passed and the child was born healthy and well. We were thrilled to hear the news and so happy to play a part in ensuring that this baby boy received everything he needed.”

I opened my calendar to mark the date of birth and was stunned. The baby was born on the same day that we had scheduled my son’s memorial that year.”

“We felt that my son’s memory had been memorialized in the most meaningful way possible. We had been privileged to give the gift of life in place of the precious life we had lost.”