A Life for a Life

Naomi and her husband brought their baby son to the EFRAT offices and told us this story:

They were married young at the age of 20 and everything was wonderful. They were sure that their lives together would be happy. Time went by and the couple still had not been blessed with a child. The couple put the worries aside and it was only after two years had passed, that they went for a medical consultation and it was clear that there were issues. They started treatments and went to get blessings from Rabbis, trying everything possible to succeed in having a child. One great man that they saw said to them, ” It is said that if one prays for someone else about an issue that one struggles with oneself, his prayers will be answered. EFRAT helps save babies. I suggest that you make a donation to EFRAT to help save a baby’s life. Then we hope that your prayers will be answered.…”

Naomi and her husband were despairing, having undergone years of frustrating treatments. They decided to make a donation to save a baby through EFRAT. When a person makes a donation of the sum needed to save a baby they recieve a certificate with the baby’s name and date of birth. On the very day that the certificate arrived at the couple’s home, Naomi got the amazingly good news that, after 16 treatments, she was finally expecting a baby.

Naomi and her husband are sure that after all of their pain and suffering, the miracle of their child came about in the merit of them helping save another woman’s baby.