A Moment of Truth

“I am a simple man, just an unassuming taxi driver. But I believe that everyone has a designated role in this world. One day, I was driving in the center of town and my taxi was hailed by a woman who appeared hysterical. I was worried that something had happened and tried to work out if there was anything I could do. She said ‘No one can do anything to help me… only G-d can help me’. She requested for me to drive her to the hospital. She had just found out that her daughter had decided to go to terminate her pregnancy and at that moment was at the clinic.
The woman described to me that as much as she had tried to talk to her daughter, to explain to her that what she was considering would be a mistake, her daughter wouldn’t listen. She had decided to go ahead with the termination.
When we arrived in the parking lot, I turned to the woman and told her that there was no need for her to pay me. ‘I’m going to come up with you.’ I said. She was shocked! ‘You! Why would you come up with me! No one has managed to get through to her, how will you be able to make any difference? She doesn’t even know you!’ But I dug my heels in and insisted on going up.
I have to admit that before I went inside I lifted my eyes up to G-d and said the following. ‘Creator of the world, 26 years ago my mother was struggling with raising 4 children and she could not face having me. But someone introduced her to an organization named EFRAT and as a result, I am here today. Please give me the strength to unlock this woman’s heart.’ With a sense of responsibility, I went into the room and spoke to the woman’s daughter. I told her my personal story and she began to soften.
Today, Thank G-d I myself am married with a baby daughter and my mother is charmed by her. When she looks at my daughter, I know that she is thinking that if she had made a different decision about having me, not only would I not be here, but her granddaughter would not be here either.
Of course, there are times when it can feel exceptionally hard to make ends meet, but there is help available. Organizations such as EFRAT give real support to new mothers and it gives them tremendous peace of mind. Every child born is a treasure, an entire world. What a tragedy to carry out something which is impossible to take back, something that can be regretted forever.”