Around the World

EFRAT’s president, Dr. Schussheim makes numerous trips each year to communities around the world to raise awareness about EFRAT’s work. On one fundraising trip to Mexico, he spoke to many people about EFRAT’s life-saving work in Israel.
One donor in particular stood out. This man was not Jewish but like many people of other faiths, he had a curiosity and interest in learning more about the Jewish people. In his 40’s and married for over 15 years without children, he began to make regular donations to EFRAT. After a short time, his wife became pregnant and they had 2 children. The couple was overjoyed; they felt certain that the charity that he had given to save lives of babies, was the reason that they were finally blessed with children.
From Mexico to Germany…. EFRAT had a fascinating visit from a young German family – a couple in their early forties with three young boys. Ruthy, the chief social worker at EFRAT and the English speaking representative of EFRAT’s team, showed them around the office and talked to them about EFRAT’s work. They were taken on a tour of EFRAT’s warehouse where around 3000 thousand packages are packed and distributed monthly. Walking together, Ruthy asked the husband how they had heard of EFRAT and what had interested them in EFRAT’s work. He responded by telling her that about ten years ago, he had read an article about issues regarding childbirth in Israel. He read about EFRAT’s work and it had deeply resonated with him. “Besides, I believe that as Germans, saving the lives of Jewish babies is very important….”
Ruthy could hear the depth of this man’s sincerity and wish to put things right. She was reminded again how far word of EFRAT’s life-saving work has spread.