Baby in a Bag

At a recent medical convention, one of the presenters, stood up to tell a personal account that had taken place 25 years earlier. “An employee came into my office and asked me if she could take a few days off as she was terminating her pregnancy. I did not know how to react or how to convey to her the significance of what she was about to do. At that moment a slogan from the EFRAT organization came into my mind ‘Everyone can save a baby’s life’. You can help no matter who you are, even without a medical background.”
“I recalled that a while back I had received a pamphlet from EFRAT named ‘A baby’s diary’. I had been impressed by what I had read and, on a whim, had put it into a drawer in my desk. I gave this woman the pamphlet and asked her to keep me posted.”
“Some time passed but I didn’t hear from her. Eventually an opportunity came around to ask her how things were. To my surprise she informed me that she had decided to have her baby. This is what she told me. ‘Every time I opened my bag, the baby on the front of the pamphlet was looking at me. His face seemed to follow me and I found that I could not go ahead.’ This is what she told me.”
The speaker concluded “Today this woman has two sons and the son she was pregnant with is about to begin his medical studies.”
Dr. Eli Schussheim, president of EFRAT, was extremely moved by this story. “This shows how anyone and everyone can save a life. Look at the impact of this small pamphlet. Who could have known?”