Full Circle

As part of EFRAT’s public awareness efforts, leaflets and CDs are distributed widely and Dr. Schussheim lectures throughout Israel. One lecture was in a girl’s high school in the North. Dr. Schussheim was introduced by Mazal, a veteran EFRAT volunteer, with a wedding invitation in her hand.
Mazal began, “Dafna, the mother of the groom and I are good friends. When she heard that Dr. Schussheim was coming to speak, she gave me an invitation to hand to him. Why? Because her son was saved through him. When Dafna was pregnant, the doctors recommended that she terminate the pregnancy because of a significant risk that the baby would be born with severe defects. She approached me and told me how confused and upset she was. I only had one suggestion for her, to consult with Dr. Eli Schussheim. We traveled to Jerusalem for a consultation. Upon examining the test results, Dr. Schussheim concluded that he saw no need to terminate the pregnancy. Everything appeared to be fine and it would be a great shame for Dafna to do something that would affect her for the rest of her life.
Still very unsure, Dafna decided to consult with her family doctor, someone she trusted implicitly. She told herself that she would follow his advice. She made an appointment and told him the whole story. When the doctor heard that she had consulted with Dr. Schussheim, he said without hesitation ‘If Dr. Schussheim told you that everything is ok, then everything is ok. I trust him completely and you can rely on him fully.’ Dafna had her baby, a healthy baby boy who became a bright, young man. It is this son who is about to be married. Unbelievably, he is marrying the daughter of that same family doctor, the one that encouraged Dafna to rely on Dr. Schussheim’s opinion.”
With that Mazal finished her story. Dr. Schussheim was very moved and began to speak “Women come to me for medical advice and I attempt to explain that doctors do not always present the full picture because they are unwilling to take a risk. At EFRAT we have merited to be invited to Britot and to receive Bar and Bat Mitzvah and wedding invitations. We bless this young man with the merit to see the next generation.”