Impact from Afar

Sometimes a picture makes it all worthwhile. A picture of a striking young man arrived at EFRAT’s headquarters. On the back was written, “Today I turned 16 and I thank you for the support that you gave to my mother, helping her to make the choice to keep me.”
Years before, this boy’s mother had appealed to EFRAT for help in an emotional letter. She had described how she was raising her 3 children in a tiny two room apartment. She was expecting another child and had absolutely no financial means to raise him. Against the will of her husband and family she had referred herself to the abortion committee for authorization.
“On the day that I was scheduled to have a termination, I forgot that I needed to come to my appointment fasting. So I had to push the procedure off to another time and I went home very disappointed.”
“I went home and was watching T.V. when a clip appeared of Dr. Eli Schussheim speaking about the activities of his organization, EFRAT and the support that they can provide. One sentence had a striking impact on me. He said, ‘life should not be ended because someone has no money.’ It was these words that made me turn to you.”
This young man is 16 years old today, thanks to EFRAT’s support. His mother has since referred other women in the same situation to EFRAT for help. EFRAT’s social worker Ruth Tidhar says that letters like this one are not rare. “Whenever a photo arrives with a story attached, it moves us, giving us renewed belief in our work.”