The Lines Went Down

No-one could have predicted that the telephone lines would go down and that the phone would be out of action in EFRAT’s offices. It was not possible to receive any calls and no messages were being picked up on the system. Ruthy, EFRAT’s social worker made immediate contact with Bezeq to try to resolve the issue. The technician who answered the phone tried everything to locate the source of the fault and solve the problem over the phone.
After putting Ruthy on hold, he explained that a technician would have to make a visit to the office. ”When will he come?” Ruthy asked, panicking about the impact this would have on EFRAT’s work. ”It will take at least 3 days,” the technician responded.
“Oh no!” Ruthy exclaimed. “We cannot do without a phone at EFRAT for 3 days! Are you familiar with our work?” Ruthy asked the technician. “It is literally an emergency hotline! I must speak to your manager.” The call was transferred and Ruthy explained once again how urgent it was to repair the fault as soon as possible.
“You do not need to explain to me.” The manager responded. “I know what EFRAT does. Two years ago my sister-in-law was pregnant with her fourth child. At the time my brother was not working. We had been trying to help as much as we could but their situation was just getting harder. One day my brother told me that his wife was pregnant and that they were seriously considering terminating the pregnancy.
He asked me if I could help him by giving them money for the termination. I was stunned. I told him I would happily help them as much as I could to keep the baby but that I could not support a termination. I immediately referred them to you. I didn’t give up until I knew they had taken me seriously. A week later I found out that they had handed in their paperwork and their support had been authorized by EFRAT’s committee.
After the birth, my brother and sister in law received everything they needed for the baby. I can’t explain how, but this baby gave my brother back his motivation and he began looking for work again. Today, thank G-d, he has found a new job and I hope that things continue to improve for them.
That’s why I know exactly what EFRAT does, and how important your work is. I will make it my personal responsibility to get this problem with the line fixed. If my brother had tried to reach EFRAT and not succeeded in getting through, it does not bear thinking about. They would have gone ahead with the termination, I am sure of it. It is the least I can do to help you save more children.”