The Tide that Turned

An amazing couple brought their 10 year old daughter Nurit, to the EFRAT offices. They came with the intention of making a donation to help save a baby.
Aliza and Yonatan are no ordinary donors. They are a remarkable couple with a remarkable story. Ten and a half years before, their financial situation was dire and Aliza and her husband were a far cry from being able to make the $1200 donation needed to support one woman to have her baby. $1200 allows EFRAT to provide practical assistance, to give women the courage and peace of mind to continue their pregnancy.
When Aliza was expecting her third child, her friend called EFRAT on her behalf and pleaded with us to offer Aliza immediate advice and assistance to help her to have her baby. She had just been laid off from her job and at the same time her husband was struggling with a very low income. The couple was in distress and genuinely did not know how they would be able to manage with another child. Aliza was put into contact with a volunteer who listened to her and offered some simple economic advice. Aliza took everything on board and when she got her severance pay, she used the money as collateral to open a small business in downtown Jerusalem instead of it being swallowed up in her overdraft. EFRAT helped the couple provide for the baby’s needs.
Since then Aliza’s store has become a small chain selling women’s clothing. Aliza and Yonatan are sure that their change in circumstances came about because of their decision to have their baby.
Now this couple makes regular donations to save the lives of other women’s children, just as their beautiful daughter Nurit was saved with EFRAT’s help.
Seeing Nurit smile and giggle in EFRAT’s offices was a true testimony to the life-saving work that goes on within these four walls.