Emotional Support


Women considering a pregnancy termination are in a delicate, stressful and often complex position. They may want to keep their baby, but feel alone, worried and desperate, without adequate support.


To provide emotional support as needed for any woman who turns to EFRAT, ensuring that no woman feels alone in her struggle and can achieve emotional well-being and resilience.


When a woman turns to EFRAT, the social worker and her experienced team try to understand her individual needs. A trained and supervised volunteer is allocated to support her during this emotionally fraught time.

Communication may be over the phone or face to face, with contact initiated by the woman. The volunteer offers company and support during pregnancy which sometimes extends long after birth. EFRAT has close to 200 volunteer trained in crisis counseling, active throughout Israel.

Skilled administrators operate a hotline for women and link them to other EFRAT teams, as well as to other agencies and services as appropriate.