“I was single for many years. One could say that I had lost hope that I would establish my own home or become a mother. I never dreamed that I would finally meet someone.

At a family occasion someone approached me and pointed a man out; they said that he was interested in meeting me. We began going out and from the start I felt that our relationship had real potential. Newly arrived from France, he was divorced with two children, both in France with their mother. When I realized that I was pregnant, we decided to get married. Almost immediately I felt that my partner was distancing himself. He began to tell me about the problems he had with his ex and about the money she was squeezing out of him. Eventually he left me and I found myself facing my pregnancy alone. My world seemed to collapse onto me.

I was at a breaking point; I was so scared about how I would make ends meet with a baby to raise. I felt that life had dealt me a cruel hand and I did not want to bring a child into this cruel world.

On the recommendation of a friend I turned to EFRAT. This was one of the wisest steps that I have ever taken. EFRAT was a ray of light. I slowly regained a feeling that life had meaning. I realized that in reality this pregnancy was a gift; it gave my life meaning. Throughout the pregnancy an EFRAT volunteer accompanied me. She listened and cared and helped me at every opportunity.

Today I am a proud mother of a 3 month old princess. After birth I received a delivery of everything that a baby could possibly need: a crib, stroller, bath, clothes, you name it. I will never be able to thank this incredible organization. It was them who really made it possible for me to be a mother.”