“How did I become an EFRAT volunteer?

When I began volunteering for EFRAT, my sister and brother in law had been married for over 9 years without children. The entire family had accompanied them throughout the long years, sharing their longing, tears and prayers.

I decided that I had to do something concrete to help and I took it upon myself to volunteer for EFRAT, an organization that helps those women who are given the blessing of a child, but sadly do not have the tools to cope with this in their lives. I knew too well the other side of the story, the perspective of my sister, who did indeed have the tools but had not yet been bestowed with the blessing.

I decided that if there are women who have merited this beautiful blessing but just need a little help to bring it to fruition, I wanted to be part of the process. I wanted to help them to bring the blessing of a child into their lives. I committed myself to dedicating the merit of my voluntary work at EFRAT to my sister and her husband. Not only this, but whenever I was able to donate some money to support EFRAT’s work, I said a small prayer. When possible, my sister and brother in law also supported EFRAT with their own donations.

After almost 11 years my sister gave birth to a son. I do not understand G-d’s calculations and I have no idea if or to what extent my volunteering helped them. I would like to think that it has a small connection to the salvation they merited.

EFRAT accompanied me through hard times and I am so grateful now to be able to share our time of joy.”